High Speed CMOS Sensors Global shutter Frame rate over 1000 Frames/s High sensitivity Low noise


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Applications: Machine Vision, High Speed Cameras, Slow Motion, 3D scanning, High Speed TV Broadcast,

Laser Triangulation, PCB and LCD Inspection, Motion Analysis & Games, Industrial Inspection,

Lumber Industry, Auto Crash and Military Tests.

New Products:

LUX19HS: 1920x1080 (Full HD) 2500+ Frames/s, 10um global shutter pixel with CDS, Low Noise

LUX160: 16 Mpixel 300+ Frames/s  (4K @ 500+ Fps), 3.9um global shutter pixel with CDS. Low Noise

Best Sellers:

AM41 is high sensitivity high speed CMOS sensor.

  • 4-Megapixel           

  • 4/3" optical size

  • High sensitivity 9V/Lux-s

  • 500+ Frames/s

AM41 Data Sheet is here.

For those, who want to save time

building their own camera, Alexima

offers the Sensor Board.



  LUX13HS is a 4/3" 1Mpix 3,750 Fps  CMOS Image Sensor,

   Low Noise Pixel with CDS, 25 V/Lux-s   

  • 1280x864pixels                                                           

  • 7T CCD-like global shutter pixel                                           

  • High sensitivity 25Lux-s                                  

  • 3,500+ Frames/s

LUX13HS  Data Sheet is here.


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